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When it comes to selling your house or Real Estate, the choice is yours. Which choice? All of them!!!

In a Real Estate Transaction, there are many choices that have to be made starting with "Am I going to sell my house?' This leads to questions like, "Who will be my agent? What will I price it at? What am I willing to pay in commission repairs, and ..." This is just the beginning. What is important to keep in mind, it is YOUR choice. 

For every question you have, there are multiple options. Seeking wise counsel and direction from experts is a great idea, but ultimately, the final decisoin is up to you because it is your house, your property, your farm. Knowing you are going to be facing these decisions is the first step in being prepared, here are a few tips to help you make the rest:

1. Listen. The truth is, you are more than likely going to be seeking help at some point along the way. There will possibly a Real Estate Agent, Attorney or Title Company, Home Inspector, Repair man, and others who will be brought in for their expert opinions. So lean in and listen with an open ear. These individuals have given themselves to be the best they can be (or hopefully they have) in the field for which you have hired them, so ask them their opinion and Listen to their advise. Allow them to share their knowledge and use it to make the best decision. 

2. Think it Through. Once you have obtained their opinion, think it through. A quick decision may be necesary, but nothing cannot wait for at least 5 minutes. Allow all the information to form into your own opinion and taking a few minutes, or if you can, "sleeping on it," will help you make an informed and logical decision. When people make rash decisions on the fly, more often than not it will come back to haunt them. So take a minute and think it through. 

3. Be Decisive. Indecision is an absolute killer in a Real Estate Transaction. Throwing your hands up in the air is not an option, and neither is allowing someone else make the decision for you. You need to come to a conclusion and make a decision. Once you have made it, stand by your decision 100%. 

Changing your mind if you are wrong in the decision you made is okay, but this should be the rare occassion, not the norm. Soak in the information given to you by the experts you have hired with your money, and then make your decision and be willing to stand by it! This will help you tremendously in the course of your Real Estate Journey and help build a Real Estate Road Map to Success. 

For more free tips, visit our Real Estate blog at PriorityOneRealEstateLLC.com and to discuss building your own Raod Map to Success in Real Estate in the Gallatin Tennessee and surrounding areas, contact Ray Carman at 615-824-0044 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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