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Selling a house is like building one. If you do not have a plan, there is no telling what you are going to end up with. I have watched a house built with no blueprints as they simply made it up as they went. The end result was a complete disaster with walls no straight, corners crooked, and an overall discombobulated mess. If you do not have a written plan in place for houw your house will be marketed and sold, then you too may end up with a mess. 

Thankfully, making a successful marketing plan is not extremely hard. It will take a little time, but once you are set, selling your house successfully will run much smoother. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

1. Decide on your Details. What will be your fair market asking price? When will the Realtor get the listing papers signed and pictures taken? When will it go on the MLS.? When will first showings start? How will you handle the initial offers received? Will you set a date to review all offers or will you look at them as they arrive? Thinking through these details will reduce a huge amount of stress during the process. 

2. Implement the Plan. Once you have decided on the details with your agent, then implement the plan. Have the house ready for picture day, which should allow you a couple of days in advance of showings to have your house in order for your potential buyers. 

3. Trust the Plan. Every market is slightly different, but your agent should have a handle on what is working in your market and with their knowledge you should be able to devise a great marketing strategy to set your house up for its highest success rate. Once you have made the plan, then trust it to work in the time frame your market is currently experiencing as far as time from market to contract. 

4. Enjoy. One the most important parts of having a plan is to be able to enjoy the process as much as you enjoy reaching the destination. Your goal is to sell your house and move forward in your real estate dreams and goals. Having a game plan will help you reach your goal quickly and allow you to enjoy the journey! 

Making your plan is simple. Putting it into practice is just as easy. If you have built a proper plan for your market, then you will be able to stick with it and reach your goal of Real Estate Success. 

For more tips on selling your house, read more articles here on our blog. To make your plan to sell you home in the Gallatin Tennessee and surrounding areas using the Priority One Way, which helps you save toward your future goals, contact Ray Carman at 615-824-0044. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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