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If you have not heard, yes, Gallatin Tennessee and all of Sumner County is experiencing a Hot Real Estate Market. And yes, I used a spin off of Summer Heat and we are looking at Sumner Heat. Last Week alone, 83 homes closed in Sumner County at the average price of $290,000 and average days on market was 20. This week is sure to be just as hot even in the midst of Summer vacation season. 

Here are a few things you as a buyer can do to prepare for this Sumner Heat:

1. Have your finances in order. This step should really proceed you even looking at any homes. Most Realtors will ask you to call your financial institution to get pre-approved before looking at homes, but in reality, this is something you cna do before even calling your Realtor. Being prepared to purchase finanically is extremely important in a hot market. 

2. List your house. If you are having to sell in order to buy, there is no better way to show your serious than to have your house on the market. Caution is a good friend in this particular point, as you do need to have some sort of written plan as to where you intend to go before you list. You do not have to have the exact house, but area, price range, and ability to make a strong offer should proceed lisintg your own home. However, if you present an offer subject to your house selling, nothing tells the other Seller you are serious than to have your house agressively priced on the market already. 

3. Pre-plan times to view homes. Call your realtor and go ahead and mark out 2-3 different times you are both available to go look at homes. Set out a minimum of 2 hours (3 is better) so you can view 4-5 homes each time out. With this market being so competitive, you need to be prepared with your finances, your area of desire, and times to go see multiple homes. If you put all this together, you are sure not to get burned by the Sumner Heat Market. 

For more tips, advise, or to schedule your own appointments to find your new home, call Ray at 615-824-0044 

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