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The first week of Summer in Sumner County Real Estate for 2017 has been a Scorcher. Although our air temperatures have been modest, the sale of homes and their prices are reaching for record heights. During the first week of Summer along, 116 houses closed out in Sumner County and 106 new listings hit the market. Average sales prices remained arounf $316,000 with average list prices being close to $318,000. 

What does this all mean to you, the seller and buyer? Simple. Now is the time to sell and if you are looking to buy, be prepared to make your offer before you start looking. 

For Sellers, use this tip above all else, don't list unless you are ready to move. Average days on the market is 18 right now, but in all honesty, if your house is priced correctly, you are looking realistically at 4-5 days before having an acceptable offer. Therfore, you need to have all your ducks in a row and know where you plan to move to before you list and have to move out!

For Buyer, be ready! Have your finances in order. Know your market range for houses you can afford, and be prepared to make a very strong offer on the house you have chosen. There are literally 5-10 buyers competing for every home that hits the market in the $150-$400k range, therefore, you need to have a strong position and write a strong offer to catch the seller's attention. 

From all indications, this will most likely be a reocrd breaking Summer season in Real Estate sales in Sumner County and surrounding areas. If you are considering buying or selling, use our free tips on this site to get you ready to benefit the most from what the market has to offer you. If you are selling, be sure to check into The Priority One Way listing method to save thousands on your Real Estate Commission which can help you build a better future. 

For more on how you can benfit from this hot market as either a Buyer or Seller, contact Ray Carman at 615-824-0044

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