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If there is one thing any Realtor can tell you is, Be Prepared. There are always going to be "bumps" in the road in a Real Estate Transaction. It is a rare thing that the entire process runs smooth and with no issues. With so many hands in the pot, Lender, Underwriter, Home Inspector, Surveyor, Insurance Agent, Realtor, Buyer, Seller, Pest Inspector, just to name a few, there are bound to be hurdles to be jumped. Some of them will even require a huge leap to get over. 

That is why it is key to keep all your emotions in check throughout the process. Your dream home may show up through the inspection as a money pit. Little insects may be knawing at the wood and you would never know till the inspector let you in on their little secret. Your lender may have pre-approved you for a certain amount, only to find out they over qualified you. Issues can come up, you just need to be ready. When I say ready I mean;

1. Mentally - keep your logic about you during the process. You need to have a sound mind and not get swept away by every little twist and turn in the road. 

2. Emotionally - this is a big one. Emotions can run high and our radars are always at high level when going through such a large transaction. So Don't let your emotions sweep you away on both the goods and the bads, or even the uglies. 

3. Physically - Mental and emotional stress can actually cause physical illness. So keep the first two in check so this one does not get away from you. Because, when it is over and the deed is in your name, you are going to need that physical strenght for the big move. 

Whether you are buying or selling, it is of upmost importance to keep yourself prepared for the journey. Just like any road, it is bound to have twist, turns, ups, and downs, but if you are prepared, you will come out on the other side in a better Home!