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So many times people ask this question. They wonder what it is that drives someone like me to be an Auctioneer. 

Well, we could say it is the long family heritage in doing these types of sales. My Great Gerandfather, Jim Carman, started doing auctions as early as 1910! That might be one reason. 

Another might be the fact that I have been around them since childhood. I remember the days being picked up by my Grandfather, Gene Carman, in his old RV all painted up with the family name and logo, and going off to auctions to work. To sit next to him and feel like I was important. That might be part of it. 

It might be that Auctions are what I have known since childhood and doing them is just part of being a Carman here in Gallatin TN area. People know the Carman family as being Auctioneers and this maybe was just expected of us and we are suppose to like it. That could be part of it. 

However, for me it may have been boosted by these above stated facts, but my reason is simple. I truly ENJOY doing auctions! It is something I gain pleasure from. Not just the actual chant, it is much more than that. It is the ability to serve people and assist them in the pursuit of their goals. 

People who call an Auctioneer have a purpose and need for hiring that person. Whatever their reason is, that is what I love to assit them in. I personally love serving others and Auctions are great ways to accomplish that. From the first meeting to the final closing day, Auctions are just a simple joy to be a part of. Yes, there are always difficulties along the way, hurdles to jump, sometimes raging creeks to cross. or a member of the family upset about the process, but when it is over, it brings a sense of true accomplishment when the final goal has been reached. 

I know they say if you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life! For me, that is true because I get to arise every morning and so a "job" I truly love doing. 

To discuss your upcoming Auction needs, feel free to give me a call! Till, then, Go Enjoy Your Day!