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Everyone looks forward to Spring time in TN because they all know that means several things. Warmer weather, flowers, leaves on the tree, a sense of a refreshed start, and because it is Auction Time in Tennessee!!!! Folks around Sumner and the surrounding counties love the oppotrtunity to gather under a tent (or tree in some cases) and listen to the Auctioneer's chant and have the opportunity to buy treasures or land from the sellers. It has been that way for over a hundred years, and this time held artform will surely be around for years to come. 

Changes have come into the Auction world with the birth of online only auctions and people preferring to sit at home and bid from the conveniece of their computer and easy chair. However, this has not diminished the desire to gather at a community Auction sale and enjoy the Live Auction. This year alone, auctions are already lining up for your weekend pleasure. This very weekend alone, January 23rd, 2016, there are 5 different auctions here  within 30 miles of Gallatin TN. This is how early things start in TN when it comes to your local auction market.

It is no secret however that sellers have always wanted to take advantage of the Spring Market Auctions. Unfortunately, many sellers think they can wait till March to book an Auction for April or May. This is not the case. Spring Auctions typically book up early in the winter months as people start planning ahead. So here is my tip:

If you are considering having a Spring Auction, please call your Auctioneer now to book. From years of experience I have seen the Spring dates fill up extremely fast and would not want you to miss on the most effective date for your sale or the date you would like to have resolution to your Estate Auction situation. I was blessed to start booking for Spring dates as early as Mid Decmeber of 2015 and I know all my fellow Auctioneers were as well. 

If you would like to discuss your Spring date for your upcoming Estate, Land, or Equipment Auction, I would love to speak to you NOW so we can get your date set for your upcomg Auction Sale!

Let's Get It Sold together!!!!

Ray Carman - Auctioneer