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Many Times as an Auctioneer we get asked, "What is the best time of year to have an Auction?" Truth be told. most Auctioneers are going to answer "Anytime!" Believe it or not, they are being completely honest. There is rarely a "bad time" to have an auction. However, it does depend a little on what you are selling. 

Coming into Fall and winter here in Tennesee, now is a GREAT time to consider several different kinds of auctions. 

1. Land Auction. This time of year finds folks with that itch to find the piece of land to build on or retreat to. Hunters are scouring the landscape for something they can hunt on and home owners are dreaming of where they can be living next summer on their own piece of ground. That makes this time of year perfect for an Auction on your land. If you have it, they will come!

2. Water Front Land - This may sound od, but if you are offering land with Water front and water views, this is the perfect time of year to be having that Auction. As the leaves fall and reveal the beauty of the water front and water views, the prices will rise tremendously from my experience. The buyers will be able to visualize their new home or cabin with a view and being on the water next Summer. In their mind they will think they are getting a better deal because water season is over, but in reality it is the perfect time to cash in on your investment in Water Front and Water View Land. 

3. Farm Equipment - Farmeres are coming off their harvest season and they are looking for two things, A Tax break and A piece of equipment to replace what they lost to wear and tear this past crop season. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to have a farm equipment sale or liquidation of farm items. I held one last year on Dec 20th and it was a rousing success! 

4. Fund Raiser - Yes Holiday season is upon us and people are starting to feel in the giving spirit. So now is a great time to host your Gala or Fund Raising Auction to assit your Non Profit and great cause!

Of Course folks are always looking for a great Estate Auction or opportunity to buy a fixer upper through the winter. So there are several options for you to take advantage of during this Auction season. There is no doubt, Fall is a Great season for hosting your very own Auction no matter what you are selling!


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