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So many areas of our lives tend to leave us with no choice. Once I had my vehicle break down and I needed to get it towed. It was late and in order to get it where I needed it to go, I only had one choice. SO, I literally was left with NO CHOICE.

For decades, the Real Estate Industry made most sellers feel as if they had no choice. Sure, you could pick the Realtor you wanted and the time you wanted your house to be on the market, but when it came to what you paid for that service, there simply was not much choice. If you wanted the service, you typically had to pay the traditional fee. 

As time has marched on, this reality has changed. You now have options afforded to you as to how much you would ike to pay to have your house sold. There are traditional packages, flat fee services, discount services, and the list goes on. However, finding a full service Real Estate Agency willing to give you options has been difficult. Typically, if you did not want to pay the traditional real estate commission, you were left with only discount services, or even self services to use. NOT ANY MORE!

The Priority One Way was designed with you, the seller and owner of your home, in mind. The goal was to offer you more than one simple choice, the traditional way, and allow you to make the choice on how much you want to pay to have your house sold. That is why we created the Bronze, Gold, and Platinum packages, so you could have a choice. 

So what do these choices offer those in Gallatin Tennessee and the surroudning areas?

1. Flexibility based on your ability. You are able to choose which package best works for your current financial situation, allowing you the opportunity to potentially save thousands on your nest home sale. 

2. Information on which to base your decision. For years, the market has been controled by agent access to listings. Those days are in the past as consumers are the ones finding their homes online and agents have become for the most part, the facilitator of the transaction. This affords the seller to opportunity to decide how much of their investment thay are willing to pay for their house to be sold. 

3. Opportunity to enjoy more of what is yours. What would you do if you saved $8300 on the commission of a $220,000 home (traditionally a $13,200 commission)? Think of the advancement you could make in becoming debt free. Paying off school loans or your car. Remodeling your new home to fit your needs. And that is just the beginning. Imagine saving this amount every 3-5 years when you move again. Over time, this could build into a large savings account toward the future you are dreaming of now. 

That is why the Priority One Way was created. So you could enjoy more of what is yours. I thought through this question, "How would I want to be treated?" and that is how this plan came into being. I know if I were in the seller's shoes, I would like to at least have the opportunity to make a decision on potentially saving money, and that is why the Priority One Way of selling your home is now an option for you. 

For more details on how you could save, or if you would like to talk to some of our clients who have saved big, call today, 615-824-0044, and find out for yourself why at Priroity One Real Estate and Auction, YOU truly are our number one priority. 

Ray Carman

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