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Rarely on the Road to Success does one find an easy path to walk. To reach your goals and be successful, you are going to have to climb some difficult mountains and cross some very long and dry plains. With every step, those who are in the rut of the "norm" are going to laugh, scoff, or even berate you for trying to be different or stand out. Success does not come easy! Trouble is part of the path. 

Steve Jobs ran into doubters and detractors along the path to founding Apple, but today many carry one of their products as a tribute to their success. Biil Gates did not suddenly become succesful, but his journey in Mocrosoft was long and tough, but he kept going and now sits as one of the richest men in the world today. The same goes for people like Henry Ford, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Milton Hershey (Hershey's Chocolate), Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and the list goes on. Each one had a dream, they were all told they were crazy and their ideas would never work, or they were not good enough, but they continued to press forward until they each reached their goals. 

The same detremination is what is will take for your dreams in Real Estate to come true. If you have a goal, you will have to make sacrifices, persevere through difficult storms, climb tall mountains, all in the face of those who will shout in your face that you are never going to make it. However, your dreams are attainable if you will just keep going! Here are a few thoughts to get you through on the tough days:

1. Keep Moving Forward. If you have ever been in a heavy windstorm, you know how hard it is to take even one step forward. However, if you continue to move, eventually you can reach the shelter you are seeking. The same is true with your Real Estate Dreams. Life will pound on you at times, but if you keep moving forward, one step at a time, sticking to your plan, you will make it. 

2. Filter the Noise. Many will tell you that you are crazy for wanting a beach house or huge farm in the midwest. Your dream may be a highrise condo in the city. Whatever it is, there will be people who will tell you it is beyond your reach. You must learn how to filter the noise. Having a written game plan and strategy that you can reflect on and track your progress will help you filter out the naysayers along the way. 

3. Stay Focused. When you lose a job or take a cut in pay, or have life hit you in the face, the first reaction is to often throw all your dreams and hopes out the window. However, setbacks are not fatal and failure is not final. If Thomas Edison would have stopped after failing 1000 times at the light bulb, our lives would be much different today! If you have a dream and somewhere along the path you stumble and fall, get back up and keep pressing forward!

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Ray Carman