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The world of Real Estate continues to grow and so does the number of Realtors in the game! As prices on housing reaches all time highs, the field of people looking to make a living facilitating Real Estate transactions rises along with the tide. Each and every agent is striving to be great and to stand out in the midst of the crowd. In one ear they are being told the key to success is personal relationships. In the other ear they hear experts tell them that in order to succeed they must be emotionally detached and the leader in knowledge and information, aka, the top professional. Having been in this field of work now for 23 years, I can understand the dilemma a new agent is facing and the dual personality it can sometimes create as we bounce around from day to day, one trying to be persoanl and relatable, and the next trying to be the "know it all" in our line of work. 

The true question is this, "What does your client prefer?" Is the person you are working for looking for a friend to walk them through the emotional sale of their home, or are they strictly seeking a business professional to complete a business transaction? 

In my experience, in most cases, the client is looking for BOTH to show up at their door. People like to work with someone they like and who is willing to listen to them. Seling or buying a home is an emotional decision in most cases. If it was always strictly business, then details about the home would not make that much difference. Every house could be built off the same plans and everyone could simply have a house. But the mere fact that there are choices in homes means there is emotion involved, because a house is much more than just four walls and a roof, it is a place to seek comfort, take rrefuge from the world, make memories, and call your own. That is why once a "house" is sold and the client moves in, it is then referred to as a home! So as the Realtor, our job is not just business, we are considered a trusted adviser through this process which often leads to being considered a friend. 

However, in that very same process, there are key business tactics that need to be employed as well. Helping make a personal decision is one thing, but being a great professional is also a key element. Twenty years ago, when contracts were simple one page agreements and many deals were still done with a shake of a hand, things were much different. Now we have 20-30 pages of documentation required for each transaction, not to mention inspections, finance decision, and closings where the client will sign three documents stating the same facts just to be sure they "got it." Selling, and assiting in the purchase of a house (or land), takes much more than just being a good friend, being current on contracts, regualtions, and necessary steps in the process is vital to your clients over all success in the Real Estate transaction. 

Therefore, in answer to the question, "Personal or Professional:Which works best in Real Estate?" the answer is simple - Both!

If you are looking to buy or sell a house or piece of land, allow us the opportuntiy to put our Professional knowledge combined with a personal touch to work for you. Call 615-824-0044 and lets get you started on your path to a successful Real Estate Transaction. 


Ray Carman