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Buying land to build your dream home on is something a large majority of people dream of. We each have our own dreams of what kind of land we want. Some want a lot in a neighborhood. Others prefer a spot on the lake. Still others want an acre or two a little out of town, while others dream of wide open spaces. Whatever the case is for you, there are a few things you need to be sure of before you buy your land, otherwise, you might find yourself in a tangled up mess and wondering what to do next. 

Just because a piece of land is pretty or offers a peaceful view does not mean it is right for you and your dream house. Many factors will play into whether or not it will truly make you happy. You have an idea of the type of house you want, now you need to make sure the property will work in order for your dreams to become reality. Here are a few things to check on before you buy . . .

1. Will the lot handle your house? This may sound silly, but many peoplle have purchased land and found out later that the house they wanted to build will not work on that particular piece. Many variables come into play, like location of soils area, restrictions, setback lines, community or county regulations, and several more. Before you sign the check and get your deed, be sure your house and the land are compatible. Otherwise you will find yourself either in a "pickle" or having to compromise on your dream. 

2. Are the proper utilities available (and can you hook on to them!)? Land has many attractive features, but one of the things you must assure yourself of is the availablity to connect to utilities in the area and that doing so will fit your budget. Just because there is an electric line and pole close to your property does not mean you can tap into that. Proper easements must be in place. Just because a waterline is at the road does not garuntee you are allowed to get a tap. Having a gas line in the area is not proof you are allowed to use it. Before you jump in, be certain you have affordable access to these things. Look for recorded easments to utilities that are close by, and if you don't have recorded ones, and a neighbor says "I'll let you hook to it," get that in writing BEFORE you close. People have been known to change their minds and runninga utility from the road a considerable distance can be costly to a house budget. 

3. Know your Restrictions. There is nothing like running up on a piece of land and envisioning your dream home sitting on the knoll with the gorgeous view. But will the restrictions allow you to bild the house you are hoping for? Do you meet the minimum size requirements on square footage. What about exterrior trim. Can it be wood, siding, hardy board, or are you required to have brick? If brick is menitoned, what percentage of the outside is required to have brick. Does that number fit your desired look for your home? 

These are just a few things you need to think through BEFORE you buy. Make sure you do your homework so you can truly have your Dream come true and not end up with a nightmare instead. 

For more tips on things to know before buying your land in Gallatin and surrounding Middle Tennessee areas, Call Ray Carman at 615-824-0044!

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