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How quickly another year is passing us by. Here we are at the end of October in the year 2015 and soon we will be enjoying yet another year. Toward the end of each year, many folks are scrambling to fit in their Auction sale before the year is gone. Here in Gallatin Tennessee, and Sumner County TN, this is most certainly the case! More and more evidence of this appears on the corners of intersections in the form of Auction Signs each day. 

Many folks would like to get their Estate Auction settled, or that piece of land sold prior to the year ending, however, oft times they run into the fact that many Auctioneers have been booked solid through the end of the year. This oft times leads to either settling for a "non prime" auction date during the week, or simply waiting till the next year to sell. 

To avoid this it is extremely important to call and book your date before the end of the year rush. Auctioneers are often booking months in advance, especially for Saturday Auctions, the most common day for live auctions in Tennessee. Many Auctioneers as of today are booked through the middle of December, however, there are still a few options out there. 

Here at Priroity One we would be happy to discuss your Auction needs for the end of the year of 2015 in Sumner and Surrounding County's! Feel free to give me a call today and lets get your Auction booked so we can "Get it Sold!"

Ray Carman