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In Sumner County TN and surrounding areas, Auctions are just a way of life! Every weekend, an Auctioneer sets up somewhere and offers to the public Real Estate and Personal Property at Public Auction. But choosing the right Auctioneer can sometimes be difficult with so many great options in front of you. Here are a few tips that might help out:

1. Choose an Auctioneer with a great reputation. The folks who are going to come buy your items or land need to know the Auctioneer is a trustworthy individual. It is amazing how people can pick up on the integrity of the Auctioneer and the process of the Auction. Be sure not only you, but your potential bidders trust your Auctioneer.

2. Does the Auctioneer know his product? I recently talked about this topic in an article, but this is key. Is you Auctioneer knowledgable about what you have to offer? Does he have experience in that field? If he/she is not, are they willing to acknowledge that and give themselves to learn before the auction advertising begins so they know how to reach the Right Audience?

3. Is your Auctioneer Technically Relevant? Has the Auctioneer of your choice adapted and stayed with the times, or are they stuck doing things the same way for the past 20 years? This can make a huge difference in his/her ability to reach the greatest audience for your Real Estate or Items of Value and get them involved in the bidding war for the same. Just like every other industry, the Auction world has grown and changed, did your Auctioneer keep up, or have they fallen behind. The answer to this question can effect your bottom line on the front and back end of your Auction!

Answering these simple questions, whether in Gallatin or Hendersonville TN or across the country, will help you choose the best Auctioneer for your upcoming Auction Sale!